post and beam collage

Timber frame houses, barns, and ...

Lynne to provide description Timber frames can accomodate photovoltaic or thermal panels. clear span massive timber truss public space Exterior hillside timber frame bank barn showcases oak beams description to be provided by Lynne timber frame cupola with windows makes striking focal point in studio Fodor Kitchen Douglas Fir timber frame scissors truss spans a large area. Morning Glory farm stand living room with soapstone fireplace Post Office Pub

For thirty years we have built post & beam frames for homes, additions, barns, studios, stores, restaurants and other public buildings throughout the United States. No two are alike. Floor plans may come from us or from an architect or contractor—or from the client’s kitchen table. The effect of the completed project can be contemporary or antique, intimate or dramatic, depending on the client’s choice of architectural details, finishes, and furnishings.

Our work combines time-honored craftsmanship with modern engineering. Timber framing can accommodate open floor plans, energy efficiency, and solar glazing, as well as all utilities and systems.

We have worked in a variety of woods, but recommend Douglas fir, red oak, hemlock, or Eastern white pine.

We custom-cut each timber, using traditional joinery. Then we erect the frame on the client’s site and secure it with sturdy wooden pegs. From start to finish, we work closely with everyone involved in the success of the completed project.